Coaching Overview

Are you and your team doing their best work? Is unresolved conflict causing friction in your workplace? Are you confident in your leadership skills?

Our executive and leadership coaching can help you answer these questions, as well as help you create a great place to work, where you and your team do meaningful and valuable work.

We use a framework in our coaching that taps the four essential areas of great leadership:  Purpose, Accountability, Teamwork and Heart.  We have learned over thirty years of practice, that any leader who learns to excel in all four domains will become a stronger leader, and build a better organization.

  • Purpose – We will discover your purpose as well as the purpose of your organization. Through this process we will identify additional strategies to help everyone in your organization understand how they contribute to the shared purpose.
  • Accountability – We will develop skills to allow you to hold yourself accountable, and set clear roles and expectations for others on your team. Personal and mutual accountability is the surest way for a shared purpose to be accomplished.
  • Teamwork – We will help you identify strategies to keep you thinking about your organization’s structure and processes, as well as how to foster productivity, teamwork and progress towards your purpose.
  • Heart – We will discuss how you can lead with caring and compassion. You will only excel as a leader when those around you feel valued and engaged as they work towards the organization’s purpose.

We offer general coaching and leadership sessions for:

However in 30 years, individuals have contacted us from the full spectrum of private, public and not-for-profit worlds.  You can rest assured that the Executive Coaching you receive will be based in deep and broad experience, as well as a well-researched methodology.

We’re also especially proud of our history helping women leaders find the solutions they need to lead satisfying work and personal lives.

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Consulting Services

A company’s success is closely tied to its culture. Culture is more than ping pong tables and “casual” Friday afternoons.  Culture is about the everyday norms and behaviors of employees and managers.  It shapes how decisions get made, how work is done, and how engaged people feel at their place of work.  It powerfully affects services, products and  profitability.  

Ask yourself: Is your company a Great Place to Work? Is it a place where people get things done and feel their work is valued and meaningful?  We spend so much of our time at work–shouldn’t our professional lives be full of meaning, value, and purpose?  The answer is clearly yes, because that creates benefits for everyone:  Employees, leaders and owners.

Our Consulting Services help you learn and implement strategies that can remove roadblocks and increase productivity throughout your organization.

Improving your organization’s performance isn’t easy. But the rewards can be invaluable. As your business grows stronger, you’ll see productivity, morale, and teamwork increase.

Our high performance and team development consulting helps you create an environment where trust is the norm, people hold themselves and each other accountable, and results rather than conflict are seen and expected.  We’ll help you build a great organization.

You’ll learn our TEAM philosophy, built around defined Targets, a great Environment, team-wide Accountability, and an understanding of the Methods you need to embrace to empower your team to do great work.

While much of our work involves helping Management Teams get more aligned and create high performance within large, established businesses, we also have significant expertise consulting to family businesses, startups, and public sector organizations as well.

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Personal Transitions Coaching

Change never comes easy. The fear of the unknown can be enough to paralyze many people into avoiding changes they know they need to make.

How do we avoid those feelings and embrace change?

At JLM Management Consultants we offer coaching for anyone interested in reaching the next level in their career. We also offer group workshops for women in mid-life transitions.

In all of our work together, we’ll talk about the challenges we face and the strategies we can use to overcome those challenges. You’ll learn how to navigate periods of transition successfully and without fear.

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