About Jeri L. Mersky, Ph.D.

Principal, JLM Management Consultants

As an Organizational Psychologist and Principal of JLM Management Consultants, I’ve been coaching, consulting and training in the work world for over thirty years.

I work with organizations, teams and individuals to create more capacity so they can achieve results.  In practical terms this means that I’ve coached hundreds of leaders to lead their teams with more purpose, strategy and heart.  It means that I’ve led hundreds of team development sessions in order to enhance teamwork and engagement.  I’ve worked with entire organizations to build cultures that are self-sustaining and results-driven.  My goal has been the same for thirty years:  To create great workplaces so that the people within them feel engaged and productive and that the work they do serves others in the best possible way.  Financial gain usually follows.  

In thirty years of coaching, consulting and training, I’ve learned a few lessons.  

The best workplaces depend on leaders who reflect upon and experiment with their own approaches to leading.  They may already be quite successful, or they may be newer to their role. Fundamentally, they want and need to expand their ability to lead.  They then build their own leadership team as a cohesive, results-driven unit.   Together they strive to create an organizational culture of teamwork, customer focus, and results.  This works with small, medium or large organizations.

Sounds simple.  But it’s not easy.

Each leader has to be willing to stretch into new ideas and ways of behaving.  Teams have to practice better communication and methods of operating, so that the business or agency can improve value to customers/clients and the community.

Although time is precious, leaders have to believe that working on the business is as important as working in the business.  My job is to guide a leader or leaders on the path to the results they want.  They define the destination but may not be sure exactly what steps will get them there.  

My role as coach and consultant is to create a partnership with you based on mutual trust, high-quality communication and results-oriented behaviors—the same elements you need to lead your business to achieve its goals.  

People learn by doing.  Leadership excellence leads to business success.  

I look forward to helping you achieve both.