A business just can’t succeed as a group of individuals. Success only comes when everyone works together as a team towards a common goal, with a leader people respect.

For the past 30+ years, we’ve partnered with hundreds of leaders in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond as both an executive coach and a guide to building a healthy business.

Our Executive and Leadership Coaching program helps managers, supervisors, executives, and other professionals develop the skills they need to act, think, and solve problems like leaders.

Take a moment to reflect on these questions:

  • How confident are you in your leadership skills?
  • What are your stated leadership values and how have your shared them with others?
  • How certain are you that you’ve done all you can to guide and motivate your team to its highest performance?
  • What unresolved conflicts are causing friction on your team? Or between your team and others in the company?
  • How clear are you and your team about the best strategic direction for the next one to three years?
  • What, if anything, keeps you from doing your best work?

In our executive and leadership coaching program, we’ll help you answer these questions, and develop strategies for resolving conflict, improving morale, overcoming challenges, and much more.

We can help you learn and develop skills to improve your effectiveness as a leader.

“I hired Jeri Mersky to advise me about challenges inherent while working in a family business. I found her coaching style to be extremely direct yet supportive and her insights always helped me see issues and solutions more clearly. I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Mersky to any business owner who is looking for an exceptional consultant with the skills to provide a wide range of personal, team and strategic level assistance.”
Kevin J. Albanese, CEO, Jos. J Albanese Inc.
“Leadership is a life-long learning experience. Jeri has provided me with tremendous growth in my management skills, interpersonal communication skills and self-confidence as I’ve grown from a middle manager to an IT Vice-President over the past 11 years. Her extensive experience working with many Silicon Valley executives has helped her master the ability to not only understand your strengths and weaknesses but help you decide how to navigate your professional growth within your current employer and throughout your career. I consider her an invaluable asset who has helped me obtain both my professional goals and personal well-being.”
Norm Katz, VP, Revenue Master

Assisting Leaders to Adapt, Transition, and Thrive

I also help individual team members through many of the same difficult transitions teams and businesses go through by:

  • Assisting new leaders to adapt to the responsibilities that come along with becoming a leader instead of an individual contributor.
  • Helping individuals on the team achieve clarity on performance expectations by using goal setting and performance measurements.
  • Asking clarifying questions that uncover underlying emotional barriers that may create friction.
  • Arming team members with the insights to make better decisions for the organization and their own careers.
“I called Dr. Mersky for coaching after being the first woman promoted to Vice President at my company. As my coach, she helped me negotiate these “new waters” and helped me create a roadmap for being successful in this new position. I found her style and insights incredibly useful as we discussed how I could become a more effective leader. I highly recommend her as a Coach for anyone who is facing a specific leadership challenge or simply wants help to become the best leader possible.”
Danielle Douthett, VP, Level 10 Construction

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