Executive and Leadership Coaching for Non-Profit Leaders


Non-profit leaders must develop a very specific set of skills.  Whether the leader of a cause-driven agency, a school, or a University, you must be highly responsive to internal and community stakeholders in a way that’s different from private company executives.  We at JLM Management Consultants have helped leaders and their teams in organizations such as Catholic Charities and the University of California, and understand the fishbowl they work in and the way their processes must link with their non-profit standing.


Is Executive & Leadership Coaching Right for You?

With over thirty years of experience coaching and consulting to leaders and their teams in the non-profit sector, our ability to help you to develop the skills and confidence you need is unparalleled. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How can you motivate your employees when many financial perks are unavailable?
  • What challenges exist for establishing priorities and crystal clear goals?
  • Are people pulling in the same direction or are unresolved conflicts lowering morale in your workplace?
  • Are you confident in your leadership skills?

In our executive and leadership coaching program, we’ll help you become more confident in your leadership skills–bringing support and clarity to you as you improve your focus, resolve interpersonal conflicts, and much more.  You’ll learn how Executive and Leadership coaching won’t show you how to “do things right.” Instead, we’ll help you learn how to “do the right things.”


Create a Great Place to Work

Your organization exists to make great contributions to your community and beyond.  Is your agency or organization also a great place to work? Is it a place where you are leading people with Purpose, Accountability, Teamwork and Heart?  Our executive and leadership coaching program will help you turn your organization into a great place to work. Why would you want it any other way? Shouldn’t everyone feel productive, valued and full of purpose and energy?

That’s the environment we’ll help you create.

testimonial-bialik“It has been a pleasure working with Jeri Mersky. She has helped us to build a stronger and more effective leadership team by helping us to appreciate and value our different personalities and learning styles. Jeri spent time with each of us, digging below the surface, and challenging us to address the issues that needed to be confronted. I always look forward to our off site retreats together, knowing that we will learn and grow as a result.”

Jeff Bialik, Executive Director, Catholic Charities, San Francisco, Marin, San Mateo

The PATH Method for Non-Profit Leaders

Our commitment to helping not-for-profits thrive has shaped our framework for organizational effectiveness and success.  We’ve found that the best leaders must be clear for themselves and their teams about four essential areas of focus:

  • Purpose – Without purpose, you and your team can’t do great work. We’ll work to identify both your purpose and the purpose of your organization as a whole.
  • Accountability – As you and your coworkers embrace their purpose, they will develop clear roles and mutual accountability to enact the purpose.  We will explore methodologies to help you and your team work together more efficiently and purposefully. By defining and fulfilling roles and responsibilities, everyone in your organization will be accountable for the work they contribute.
  • Teamwork – An examination of the interdependencies throughout your organization will help us begin to think strategically about how to move from silos to cooperation. You’ll see increased productivity and progress towards your organization’s purpose as a result.
  • Heart – Leading with compassion and care requires conscious effort.  The care shown to clients or students must stem from a real sense of being valued by the organizations’ leaders.  We’ll co-create effective strategies to help everyone in your organization do purposeful work that matters to them and the people they serve.

When You Want to Be Better, That’s When You Need Coaching

Are you ready to become a better organization leader, improve your skills, and improve performance throughout your organization?

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