The work of Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner in The Leadership Challenge is one of my favorite resources for leadership growth. Lauren Parkhill offers a few important Tips from a recent Kouzes event.

You probably know how important coaching and practice are to success in sports, but how often do you hear business leaders talking openly about being coached, trained, developed or even mentored?

One of our favorite leadership books, Great Leadership Creates Great Workplaces, offers the following:

“If you want to be great at anything, whether it’s playing bridge, playing the piano, playing sports, or being a leader, sustained effort, deliberate practice, and good coaching are required.”

And research backs this up. Over 70% of employees who received coaching saw an increase in work performance, relationships, and communication skills, and 80% reported having more self-confidence.*

At a leadership event we held recently, The Leadership Challenge co-author Jim Kouzes gave us some valuable coaching and practice tips that HR professionals and managers can use to help develop the leadership capabilities on their teams:

Be a Coach. Use these coaching tips with each leader on your team:

Coaching Tip #1. Encourage leaders to start their day with this mantra: “Today I will make a positive difference in the lives of the people I lead.”

Coaching Tip #2. Ask leaders: “What’s the next step you can take as a leader that will stretch you?”

Coaching Tip #3. Connect leaders with someone who is an expert and can provide an example of leading effectively and show them by example how to lead.

Coaching Tip #4. Identify a mentor or trusted advisor as a “stable relationship” throughout the development of the leader.

Coaching Tip #5. At the end of each day suggest that a leader ask and record “what did I do today to improve so I am a better leader than yesterday?”

Leadership development continues to lead the list in workplace trends. Millennials, in particular, want and seek out coaching as a valuable professional support. To maximize leadership potential on your team, learn more about our coaching options.

From Lauren Parkhill of Sonoma Leadership Systems