What does the leadership of most companies want? A smooth functioning organization that’s meeting goals, satisfying customers and seeing productivity and profits go up. What can leadership do to ensure that these results happen?

Step back and assess how they’re doing as the Leadership team.

If you’re a leader within your company, ask yourself how you would respond to these key questions about you and your teammates…

  • Do we communicate openly and work well with one another?  Do we have mutual trust?
  • Do we cooperate across departments?  Break down “silos”?
  • Are we clear about where we’re headed and able to get others in the company to enthusiastically follow our lead?
  • Does our organization draw the best people…and retain them?
  • Are we continually “finding” the future and staying relevant as a business?

If you answered a firm “yes” to all these questions, then you probably don’t need the services of JLM Management Consultants…  However, if you’re like many other companies we’ve helped, you know there’s room to improve.  And if you’re a company that wants to improve sooner rather than later, then calling us to assist you makes good sense!

We are leadership experts. We want you to lead your teams expertly also!

After thirty years of service to leaders and their teams, we are convinced of this simple truth:

If you have leadership excellence you WILL have business success.

Without leadership excellence, you’ll spend lots of time fighting fires, seeing your best people leave the company, and struggling to keep your clients and customers happy.

You know what this does to your bottom line.

Let us help you find a better way….. The way that works within your culture, your timeframe, and your budget.

Let’s talk about how to help your managers become great leaders and your teams to be results-driven and customer-driven.

Here’s what one of our satisfied clients found in working with Dr. Jeri Mersky and JLM Management Consultants.

Christian Johnson“I have worked with Jeri in a variety of capacities. First she was an advisor to GU’s executive team and currently she consults with me as a career coach. In the former capacity I found Jeri to bring a wide array of skills to a thorny and developing process. She is well organized, smart and diplomatic, but not shy about holding team members accountable for their commitments. That was exactly the approach we needed and the product of those sessions was immensely valuable to me and the organization.

As an executive coach she is exceptional. She listens to understand and yet pushes me to gain clarity on areas of ambiguity or weakness. Everyone should have an professional advisor like Jeri — super talented and helpful.”   

Christian Johnson, former VP Marketing, GU Energy 

We want to help you build a great organization. By developing the leadership of your company, the culture improves. People are happier at work and it shows in how they perform, deal with customers, and add to the bottom line. Only leaders can create the environment in which people feel valued and in which they have the resources, support, and autonomy to produce excellent work.

Dr. Mersky and her skilled consortium of coaches and consultants have designed successful interventions for a vast array of leaders and businesses. You too can rely on her expertise to move you quickly toward your desired goals. Why not call now to get started?

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