Executive and Leadership Coaching for the Construction Industry


A construction business just can’t succeed as a group of individuals. Success only comes when everyone works together as a team towards a common goal, with a leader people respect.

If you’re working in the construction industry as an executive, in management, or as a project manager, you may find that now is the time to improve your leadership skills. Working with JLMMC will help you understand your own strengths as a leader…and how to minimize any weaknesses. You’ll clearly see how the improved morale, satisfaction, and performance of your team ties directly to getting your highly complex projects completed on time and budget. Ultimately, there’s a three-way win: For clients, your team, and the bottom line.

Is Executive & Leadership Coaching Right for You?

For the past 30+ years, we’ve partnered with hundreds of leaders in the construction industry as both an executive coach and their guide to build a healthy business. Organizations like the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), the Engineering and Utility Contractors Association (now UCON), Rudolph and Sletten, and other construction firms find our powerful executive and leadership coaching program to solve many of their key challenges.

Our executive and leadership coaching program for construction professionals helps managers, supervisors, executives, and other construction professionals develop the skills they need to act, think, and solve problems like leaders.

Take a moment to reflect on these questions:

  • What’s keeping you, your coworkers, and your company from doing your best work?
  • What challenges are you facing when getting complicated projects built on time and budget?
  • Are you proud of the work you’re doing?
  • How confident are you in your leadership skills?
  • What unresolved conflicts are causing friction in your office, or between office and field?

In our executive and leadership coaching program, we’ll help you answer these questions, and develop strategies for resolving conflict, improving morale, overcoming challenges, and much more.

We help construction professionals learn how to “do the right things”, not simply “do things right.”

There’s a huge difference.

We can help you learn and develop skills to improve your effectiveness as a leader.

Create a Great Place to Work

Our executive and leadership coaching program will help you turn your office into a great place to work.

What do we mean by a great place to work? We’re talking about a workplace where:

  • People Get Things Done
  • People Feel Their Work is Valued and Meaningful

We all spend so much of our lives at work. Shouldn’t we strive to create an environment where every employee feels productive, valuable, purposeful, and full of energy?

That’s exactly what we’ll help you to do.

You’ll also find that as you create a great place to work, the morale and productivity of your employees and coworkers will increase as well.

The PATH Method for Construction Industry Leaders

I’ve utilized a framework called PATH to help my clients succeed. The PATH method addresses 4 key focus areas which will make you a stronger leader and help you to build a strong, lasting, meaningful organization:

  • Purpose – Together, we will identify the purpose of your work and your organization as a whole. We will develop strategies to allow your team to understand their purpose. Truly great work requires a unified vision.
  • Accountability – We will develop methods to help you and your team work together more efficiently towards your shared purpose. Through defined roles and better communication everyone in your organization will be individually and mutually accountable for the work they do.
  • Teamwork – Every organization is made up of interconnected people and departments.  Your leadership role is to see the big picture–the connections–and make strategic decisions to reach your purpose.  Are you successful in being strategic? And, have you built effective teams that get the great results that customers expect?
  • Heart – Together we will practice how you can help everyone in your organization increase their productivity, engagement, and purposeful work. You will learn the importance of compassion (“heart”) in making important decisions that cause others to willingly follow your lead.

Clients Love Our Construction Coaching

“I hired Jeri Mersky to advise me about challenges inherent while working in a family business. I found her coaching style to be extremely direct yet supportive and her insights always helped me see issues and solutions more clearly. I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Mersky to any business owner who is looking for an exceptional consultant with the skills to provide a wide range of personal, team and strategic level assistance.” – Kevin J. Albanese, CEO, Jos. J Albanese Inc.

When You Want to Be Better, That’s When You Need Coaching

Are you ready to become a better leader in the construction industry, a more efficient problem solver or project manager, and learn how to improve performance throughout your organization?

To learn how we can help you to become a better leader:

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